Pricing per executed
online trade of stocks and
non-Schwab OneSource ETFs.
Per contract + $8.95 options
commission on single and
two-legged orders, including
spreads, straddles, and rollouts.
Clients can trade over 100 ETFs
commission-free in their Schwab
accounts online through Schwab
ETF OneSource.1
Schwab's personalized service provides
support for your unique needs.
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The reassurance of committed Schwab investing support 24/7.
The focused attention of a personalized
on-boarding session.
The one-on-one support of a Schwab trading specialist.
Schwab provides its own expert market insight plus
independent perspectives so you get the full picture.
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Schwab’s proprietary research and ratings
Market insight from our experts
Third-party research and commentary
Access fundamental data, custom screeners, Schwab Equity Ratings®, and more.
Gain more understanding with timely analysis and commentary from Schwab experts like Randy Frederick and Liz Ann Sonders.
Broaden your scope of the market with Market Edge®,, and other sources – without leaving your trading platform.
Our intuitive technology is
designed to help simplify your
trading experience.
See what
our platforms
can do for you

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Schwab’s robust skills development resources can help add
conviction to your trading.
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Learning Center for Traders
Client Trading Community
Local and Online Workshops
Become a Schwab Trading Services client today.
No trade minimum required.
Earn 300 commission-free
online trades.
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